Aprysa - Single Origin - Peru

Aprysa - Single Origin - Peru

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Technical Information

Country: Peru

Region: Amazonas

Altitude: 1550m

Process: Washed

Roast: Medium


Flavor Notes

Nutty, Cherry, Cocoa, Stone Fruit

About Aprysa

This amazing single origin coffee hails from the Amazonas region of Peru, a region that is filled with architectural ruins, and cloud forests. On the palate it is a full flavored coffee, with notes of chocolate, hazelnut, and a cherry syrup like sweetness. this coffee is perfect for a morning cup, one which we have been enjoying on the v60 brewer.

“Aprysa is a group located in the Amazon, one of the more remote coffee producing regions of Peru. We are really excited to be working with Aprysa because of their determination and commitment to quality, environmental stewardship, and community care.” Joseph Wein, Cereza Coffee