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Luiz Carlos Brazil - Single Origin
Luiz Carlos Brazil - Single Origin
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Luiz Carlos Brazil - Single Origin

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Flavor Notes: Sweet Fudge and Hazelnut


Brazil from the Sitio Nossa Senhora Aparecida Farm in the Alta Mogiana region.

Farm owner, Luiz Carlos Basso, has been in the coffee business for 50 years. Starting at 18 he worked for a coffee commercializer in Sao Paulo. He continued to work his way around and through the coffee business and in 1981 he bought a small farm in Franca. With the money earned from the first harvest Luiz bought the land for the farm he operates today.

Of the 70 hectacres, 45 are planted, and 80% of the produced coffee is processed by the family. The wealth of knowledge and experience they utilize culminates in an outstanding coffee.

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