Anchor Coffee Prince Bag Panama Dos Ruedas
Prince - Single Origin - Light Roast
Prince - Single Origin - Light Roast
Prince - Single Origin - Light Roast
Prince - Single Origin - Light Roast

Prince - Single Origin - Light Roast

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Technical Information

Country: Panama

Region: Boquete - Finca Dos Ruedas

Altitude: 1500m

Process: Washed and Sun Dried

Roast: Light

Flavor Notes

Fudge, Grape, Apple, Melon, Jasmine

About Boquete

This Panama Boquete is a wonderful washed coffee from our good friend and new producing partner Alexis Batista. Alexis spends part of his time in Asheville, NC and the rest in Panama working his farm with his family.

Hand delivered to our roastery by Alexis, this Catuai Caturra Gesha and Typica varietal is a cup you will not want to miss. Stop by and enjoy a pour over or grab a bag for yourself while supplies last from this limited run.

Dos Ruedas Coffee Farm Panama

I started 5 years ago purchasing cherries from my cousin, helping process the coffee and then export it to the United States.
- Alexis
Dos Ruedas Coffee Tree Ripe Cherries Panama

I am able to harvest the highest quality fruit available by partnering with small farmers in the prestigious Horqueta growing area of Boquete.

My farming practices include being sustainable, ethical and just being a good human to allow me to bring a coffee that a customer can feel good about serving.
- Alexis
Bio-diverse panama coffee tree dos ruedas

Adopting biodiversity has allowed the plants to flourish with little use of harsh chemicals and fertilizers.
- Alexis
Dos Ruedas Panama Green Coffee Bag

Concentrating on the quality of the coffee and not quantity is my ultimate goal. I want to produce a unique coffee that exemplifies the beautiful terroir that Panama has to offer.
- Alexis