Umoja - Single Origin - Congo

Umoja - Single Origin - Congo

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Technical Information

Country: Democratic Republic of Congo

Region: Lake Kivu

Altitude: 1680m

Process: Washed

Roast: Light

Flavor Notes

Orange, Lemon, Chocolate

About Umoja


UMOJA means solidarity in Swahili, With 11,600 members in 21 sectors, Umoja farmers produce fully washed coffee certified FTO (SPP) and Utz. We produce Kivu Arabica specialty coffees using various varieties, dominated by Bourbon varieties, grown on volcanic soil at an altitude of over 1,480 meters, between Lake Kivu and the Mitumba mountain range. Our cooperative partner holds Fair Trade and Organic certifications. In the 10 years, Umoja farmers have been growing specialty coffee, the sale of Umoja has helped to improve the living conditions of our members, provide schooling, housing, jobs, and reducing coffee smuggling on Lake Kivu while promoting women’s and pygmy rights. 


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