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Yuni Laos - Single Origin - Medium Roast -
Yuni Laos - Single Origin - Medium Roast -
Yuni Laos - Single Origin - Medium Roast -
Yuni Laos - Single Origin - Medium Roast -

Yuni Laos - Single Origin - Medium Roast -

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Technical Information

Country: Laos

Region: Houaphanh Province - Xam Tai District

Altitude: 900-1050m

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Roast: Medium

Flavor Notes

Strawberry Shortcake, Spices, Earthy

About Houaphanh Province

Houaphanh Province covers an area of 16,500 square kilometres (6,400 sq mi). The province is bordered by Vietnam to the north, east and southeast, Xiangkhouang Province to the south and southwest, and Luang Prabang Province to the west. The terrain is rugged, with dense mountainous forest forming much of the province, particularly on the western side. The main road running through the province is Route 6. The principal rivers are the Song Ma, which flows from and into Vietnam, passing the village of Ban Muang-Et, and the Nam Sam, which the towns of Sam Neua and Sam Tai lie on.

The province is the home to the Viengxay caves, an extensive network of caves used by the Pathet Lao, and the Hintang Archaeological Park, one of the most important pre-historic sites in northern Laos, dotted with standing megaliths.

Houaphanh is one of the poorest areas of Laos but has dramatic scenery and fine textile traditions.

Yuni Coffee

"Coffee entrepreneurs Steve Patton and Tyler Gant caught wind of this forgotten coffee and decided to take a closer look. And after sharing meals and conversation with farmers, and bumbling along windy mountain roads, Patton and Gant found potential in the region’s forgotten fruits. In Xam Tai, they found shade-grown Arabica coffee, ripe for the picking, and small plot coffee growers patiently waiting for a buyer."
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Tyler Gant is from Wilkes county and is literally rebuilding the coffee infrastructure in Laos. We are proud to do our part, and provide this coffee to you!

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