12 Different Types of Coffee

12 Different Types of Coffee

Coffee Dictionary - Learning the Basics

Written By: Caighlen Brady

Have you ever visited a coffee shop and became overwhelmed by the menu board? There are so many different choices to choose from and customizable to your taste. It can almost feel like reading a foreign language. This is a guide to explain the different types of coffee you may encounter at your local coffee shop.

    1. Espresso-Based Drinks
    You may already be familiar with espresso drinks. If you have ever ordered a latte or cappuccino, that is an espresso drink! There is a machine a barista uses to pull double shots of espresso and steam milk. Espresso based drinks are a latte, cappuccino, macchiato, cortado, americano and anything else that uses espresso component in the drink.

    2. Pour Over and French Press
    These are methods to make handcraft coffee. A pour over is a manual drip coffee and french press steeps coffee and filters for a more rich flavor.

    3. Ristretto
    This is an uncommon drink. It is an espresso shot with half the amount of water. This is a more concentrated and darker espresso extraction. When pulling a shot, turn off a normal espresso extraction before it starts to turn lighter.

    4. Double Espresso
    It sounds like it is and simple. A double espresso is two shots pulled of espresso in one cup. Coffee beans are ground finely and applied pressure. Boiling water is pushed through, creating a high concentrate brew. 

    5. Americano
    It is an espresso shot diluted with hot water. It has the same strength, but different flavors opposed to traditional brewed coffee.
    6. Macchiato
    Just like an espresso, a macchiato is similar but with a drop of steamed milk and foam to smooth the powerful taste of an espresso. Depending on the coffee shop, the macchiato may be made differently.

    7. Latte
    This is the most familiar drink that is based on an espresso with steamed milk. The milk makes the drink sweeter and cuts the stoutness an espresso.
    8. Cortado
    This drink is
    similar to a latte. It uses half the steam milk and poured into a smaller glass. You still get the sweetness of the milk, but a strong taste of the espresso.

    9. Cappuccino
    Just like a latte, a cappuccino has similar key differences. The milk is steamed to a foam texture than a smooth microfoam for a latte. Some coffee shops will add garnishes like chocolate on top of the drink.
    10. Affogato
    This is a fun one to have in the summer. It is considered as a dessert more than a coffee drink. It is an espresso shot poured over scoops of vanilla ice cream.

    11. Mocha
    Mocha is a drink that can either be made as a latte or cappuccino. You add chocolate to the espresso and then your milk. It is like a hot chocolate, but with espresso. 
    12. Cold Brew
    This is a popular cold coffee but not your usual ice coffee. Coffee grinds are placed in normal temperature water overnight. This creates a smooth tea-like drink.

    These drinks are only the beginnings of the basics. There are many custom and unique drinks that is original recipe to the coffee shop. Anchor Coffee Co. has many seasonal and all-year long drinks that no other coffee shop offers! What's your favorite drink to order?