Buying Coffee Online Supports Local Coffee Roasters More Than You Know

Buying Coffee Online Supports Local Coffee Roasters More Than You Know

What is your third place? A third place is, “This is the place outside of your typical social environments where you can relax and have open and honest conversations.” The concept of the third place is evolving with the rise of working remotely. Per Axios:

“As the world begins to move past the pandemic but holds onto remote work, we're seeing the rise of "third workplaces" — teleworking spots in cafes, hotels or co-working spaces.”

Whether you have a third place or a third workplace, it’s their favorite local coffee shop. Coffee shops come in many shapes and sizes, literally and figuratively. Coffee culture is typically explained in waves:

  • First Wave: Otherwise known as commodity coffee, this wave dates back as far as the Nineteenth Century when coffee began to be consumed en masse. It is associated with brands like Folgers and Maxwell House. 
  • Second Wave: Beginning in the 1970s, with the rise of brands like Starbucks, coffee evolved from being a commodity to an experience. The comfortable coffee shop vibe emerged, along with coffee-based drinks (like Frappes and sweet drinks). 
  • Third Wave: The origin of third wave, or specialty coffee, dates back to the early 1980s. Specialty coffee begins with proper farming and harvest practices and processes. The coffee is carefully roasted and will have flavor note profiles like wine and craft beer. Third wave coffee shops will typically have clean, branded interiors. They will have baristas that can walk you through the story of each coffee while carefully steaming milk and drawing a killer tulip or swan. 
  • While many second-wave shops order coffee from large coffee roasters who are roasting as much coffee as possible and selling it for as little as possible, specialty coffee shops either order from smaller, local roasters or roast themselves. 

    If your third place or favorite local coffee roasts coffee, they likely sell it by the bag. Buying coffee online supports local coffee roasters more than you know. Here’s a little bit more about how you can show some love to your coffee roasters by using their online store as well as the physical location. 

    How to Support Your Local Coffee Roaster By Shopping Online

    If your coffee shop is roasting coffee, it means they have made a significant investment in making your you have the best product possible. It also means:

    • They go to great lengths to find the best importers.
    • They spend many hours researching the best coffee to import.
    • They spend time and resources maintaining the roaster.
    • The more coffee they sell by the bag, the more opportunities they will have to find new and unique coffees.

    Your third wave third place is your favorite because the conversations and vibes are great and because the coffee is the best. 

    Buy The Bags on the Shelves

    It is always helpful to buy the bags (and merch) on the shelves. You’ll notice that the date it was roasted is posted or written on the bag. Like anything, that coffee has a shelf life and, if not sold, will be discarded (or given away to employees). So, your local roaster certainly appreciates seeing those bags fly off the shelf.

    Why Buy Online if You’re Local

    There are advantages to buying online for you and your roaster, even if you’re a local regular. 

  • Availability: Online ordering helps ensure you get your favorite coffee delivered to your door. You don’t have to hope it’s on the shelf when you realize you ran out at home. 
  • Planning: Steady online orders help your roaster plan ahead and purchase the right amount of imported coffee. 
  • Subscription: If your local roaster has a subscription or loyalty program like Anchor’s Barista Choice Society, it ensures you get your favorite single origin or blend without having to remember to purchase in-shop or online each time you run out. That level of predictability helps your roaster import efficiently. 
  • Brand Recognition: When you use online ordering to send coffee to your friends and family in different parts of the world, it boosts name recognition and helps your roaster make its way into new territories. 
  • How to Support That Specialty Shop You Visit on Vacation

    Anchor Coffee’s Winston-Salem and North Wilkesboro locations are both on the way to Boone, NC, and the High Country. Many stop in our shops on either side of their vacations, camping trips, or to visit their college students at Appalachian State University. 

    If you have a favorite coffee roaster you visit when traveling, purchasing coffee online ensures that you don’t have to wait till the next time you make your next stop and helps you share that goodness with others. 

    All of our coffees are available for purchase online. Also, the Barista Choice Society is more than a subscription program. If you’re local to North Wilkesboro or Winston-Salem, we’d love to see you in our shops!