Drink Coffee | Change The World | Laos Coffee Launch

Drink Coffee | Change The World | Laos Coffee Launch

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We have the specialty coffee from Laos that is changing the world. It tastes like strawberry shortcake and is helping farmers in the Houaphanh Province break a century-long cycle of poverty. Here's what you need to know: 

Wilkes County Native Tyler Gant Is A Coffee Hero 

For more than twenty years, Arabica coffee has grown in the mountainous jungle of Xam Tai, Houaphanh. As part of an initiative to improve the economy of the province, the Laotian government planted coffee trees throughout the region; however, poor infrastructure made it difficult to market and export it to the world. Many farmers in Houaphanh gave up on coffee, but a dedicated group in Xam Tai held on and continued growing it.  

After nearly two decades of patiently waiting for buyers, Tyler Gant and partner Steve Patton found farmers eager to sell their crops. Gant and Patton founded Yuni Coffee Company to introduce Houaphanh's specialty coffee to the world. Partnering with the Xam Tai coffee farmers to help improve their processes and quality control: 

For first-time coffee farmers, coming to terms with the intensive production process involved in specialty coffee was a stretch. They had to learn that they must pick the ripest cherries, measure moisture levels, and monitor the weather during drying in order to produce the best brews.

-Tyler Gant, Perfect Daily Grind

 From planting to shipping, every small step of the process makes a big difference for each cup of coffee. The Arabica beans coming out of Laos are legit, thanks in large part to Yuni 

Gant and Patton started Yuni Coffee Co. Cafe in Xam Neua. 

Yuni Coffee Company’s Awesome Laos Coffee  

The Yuni Laos coffee releases today, Friday, August 31. It is available for preorder now. We will have bags and on pour over while supplies last: 

  • Country of Origin: Laos 
  • Region: Houaphanh Province - Xam Tai District 
  • Altitude: 900-1050m 
  • Process: Natural 
  • Roast: Medium 
  • Flavor Notes: Strawberry Shortcake, Spices, Earthy 

Yuni Coffee Café | Xam Neua, Laos  

Though they grew and harvested awesome coffee, most of the farmers in Xam Tai had never brewed it. Gant and Patton started Yuni Coffee Cafe in Xam Neua, so farmers and residents of Houaphanh can experience the fruits of their labor. Whether you enjoy this Laos coffee in North Wilkesboro or Xam Neua, when you drink it, you are changing the world.  

You can find the Yuni Loas on pour over and by the bean at Anchor Coffee Company in North Wilkesboro, or on our website. We ship all over the world.