Ethiopia Koke Deep Dive

Ethiopia Koke Deep Dive

Ethiopia Koke - Honey

Ethiopian coffees are known for their wield, berry forward flavor profile, and the Koke Honey is no exception. As one of our long standing core coffees, the Koke Honey has been one of our very favorite coffees tat we have ever carried. 

The Koke Washing station is located in the Yirgacheffe district of the Gedeo zone in Ethiopia. Our importer, Ally Coffee, has had a long standing relationship with the family owned processing center since it was built in 2011. This particular lot is processed in the Honey Style. 


Coffee Processing in Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia pour over coffee North Carolina
Coffee grown in the Gedeo Zone of Ethiopia is often of heirloom variaties, some of which have been cultivated for hundreds of years. In fact, History attributes coffee to Ethiopia as far back as 850. Legend has it that a goatherder named Kaldi discovered that his flock of goats had increased energy after eating coffee beans. From there, the rest is history, and we are glad for it. 

Yirgacheffe has a near perfect climate for coffee production, and the harvest season is from October through December. Also, Ethiopia is the fifth largest coffee production nation, with the Yirgacheffe region being the primary source of coffee. 

Yirgacheffe coffee beans are known for being bright and fruit forward. They bake great hot coffee as well as cold brew! In some cases they are an excellent bean to be used in blends to add acidity and fruit notes. 
We roast the Koke Honey with a lighter but slower roast, to eek out the most flavor without scorching the coffee beans. 

About Koke

The Koke washing station processes this coffee by drying it in the cherry for two days. It is then de-pulped and finished on raised beds for 18-21 days. This extra time in the mucilage is a contributing factor to why the coffee has such rich fruity flavors in the cup profile

The Koke is an incredible coffee that we have carried in our store and online since 2015. With flavor notes of peach, blueberry, coconut, and black tea; this coffee is a rich experience that we would love to share with you! Our master roaster carefully and meticulously roasts each batch with consistency in mind, ensuring the best cup of coffee possible from this origin. 

Pour Over Experience and Recipe

Our favorite way to enjoy the Ethiopia Koke is as a pour over coffee in a Kalita wave. 


  • 25g of medium/fine (12 on a baratza encore) 
  • 50g bloom for 30 seconds
  • 150g pour at :30
  • 100g pour at 1:00
  • 100g pour at 1:30
  • Give the Kalita a good tap
  • Total brew time should be around 3:30-4:00

When brewed in this fashion, we typically get notes consistent with the cupping notes on the bag, so blueberry, vanilla, some tropical fruit flavors. It has a thin tea like body, with a nice sweet finish.

If you want to learn more about pour over coffee you can check out our blog HERE.

Food Pairings? With Coffee?

We think that fruits and light charcuterie is best with our Koke. If you want to be indulgent, build upon the berry forward flavors of the coffee by enjoying alongside a berry pie, or lemon bars. My personal favorite food pairing with any coffee is elevated french toast, and a side of bacon.... poached eggs are nice too.

Order a bag today and we will roast, package, and ship within 48 hours.  Our coffees are roasted to order, to ensure maximum freshness and flavor.