Five Podcasts Recommendations to Enjoy with Coffee

Five Podcasts Recommendations to Enjoy with Coffee

One of our favorite things to do while drinking coffee is listening to podcasts. We often find ourselves recommending shows to customers and friends. Whether you are an avid podcast listener or you are just starting your journey, we’re ready to impart our knowledge to you. 

We have so many podcast recommendations, we are breaking them down into genres. Genres will include:

  • Public Radio
  • True Crime
  • History
  • Serialized Fiction
  • Fiction/Audiodrama 
  • Marketing, Advertising, Business 
  • News and Culture 
  • Sports
  • Other

Sometimes you will see a podcast in more than one genre. Sometimes we might take a couple of weeks to post everything we like in a genre. We might add a category, we might take one away. We must just start a podcast that reviews podcasts. One day, we might just combine all of this into one giant post/book, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. 

Anchor Coffee’s Favorite Public Radio Podcasts

This time, we will look at five of our favorite Public Radio podcasts. They are in no particular order. We love them all equally:

1) Freakonomics Radio

Producer(s): WNYC Studios
Episodes: 295
Length of Listen: 30 – 45 minutes
Production Value (out of 10): 10
Family-Friendly: Yes

Like its namesake, Freakonomics, Freakonomics Radio is economist Stephen Dubner’s exploration of the hidden side of everything. Featuring world-renown experts from every facet of life, this show will help you think better about everything. From NASCAR and Glenn Beck, to what economic challenges we will face on Earth 2.0, Dubner and company help break down the hidden side of the numbers and statistics that make our world the way it is.

Freakonomics Radio is great with or without headphones; however, we prefer to listen on your commute to or from work. It helps us think economically, and usually, one episode covers the drive in both directions.

2) How I Built This

Producer(s): NPR
Episodes: 49
Length of Listen: 35 – 45 minutes
Production Value (out of 10): 10
Family-Friendly: Mostly – listen first

How I Built This is hosted by long-time NPR journalist Guy Raz. Each episode features an entrepreneur or team of entrepreneurs who have done something innovative and game-changing in their respective industries. Thus far, Raz has interviewed the founders of Sam Adams, Warby Parker, Kickstarter, Spanx, Vice, Radio One, and many others. 

You might add How I Built this to a workout or driving playlist. Occasionally, if the kids are around, you will need to be prepared to get to the volume knob quickly.

3) Serial Season One

Producer(s): WBEZ Chicago
Episodes: 12 (with 3 follow up episodes)
Length of Listen: 55-60 minutes
Production Value (out of 10): 10
Family-Friendly: No

Serial is a must-listen. In an age of clickbait and fake news, Host Sarah Koenig and the team at This American Life have recovered and restored long-form, investigative journalism. There are countless great podcasts inspired by the incredible real-life story told by Serial, Season One. We are not saying season two is bad, it’s just not among our favorites. Nevertheless, if you are one of the sixteen people who have not yet listened to Season One, you need to correct that immediately. 

Serial is excellent and engaging for exercise or housework, but you will probably want to save this show for when you are using your headphones. 

4) S*Town

Producer(s): WBEZ Chicago
Episodes: 7
Length of Listen: 55-60 minutes
Production Value (out of 10): 10
Family-Friendly: No

This is a story about a journalist, a tortured genius, and a so-called crappy town in Alabama. If you grew up in the South, in the sticks, or with crazy relatives, you can relate to interviewee John B Mclemore. If you have not listened to S*Town, you are probably an object of derision among your peers. Stop now and listen. 

There are not many episodes, so savor the opportunity to listen while you have your headphones engaged.

5) BackStory: With the American History Guys

Producer(s): Virginia Foundation for the Humanities
Episodes: 204
Length of Listen: 45-55 minutes
Production Value (out of 10): 9
Family-Friendly: Yes 

BackStory explores the historical context of today’s modern headlines. From staying woke to election fraud, the American History Guys explore the stories that lead us to scream at each other on Facebook. The hosts are reasonable, balanced, and will teach you more than you wanted to know about the history and legacy of the United States. 

You can enjoy BackStory in the car with little ones, though occasionally they will warn you to skip ahead, it is just as well an entertaining distraction while running or biking. 

Do you enjoy the shows on our list? Do you have some public radio podcasts to add? We would love to hear from you in the comments or in the shop. Come visit or shop online for incredible coffee and conversation