Espresso At Home or The Coffee Shop: What's Cheaper?

Espresso At Home or The Coffee Shop: What's Cheaper?

Home Espresso Machine VS. Daily Coffee Shop Visit

Written by: Caighlen Brady

Coffee is an essential need in most people’s daily life. Whether you are a casual coffee drinker or a coffee enthusiast, you enjoy a cup of coffee. Many people have thought about ditching going out and looking for ways to get a coffee shop experience at home.

Espresso machines are a rising popularity and come in different varieties. For example, the $50 Mr. Coffee with basic a steamer. Or a $600 Breville with a grinder, steaming wand, and adjustable setting for your espresso.

Either way, the question still stands. Is going out to a coffee shop worth more than investing in your own coffee bar at home?

Perks of an Espresso Machine

Making an authentic espresso, latte or cappuccino looks easy but can be deceiving. Wanting to buy a espresso machine, it is recommend to do research before making a big purchase.

There are many blogs to get started, what to look for, and how to become an espresso-making genius. Keep an open mind the $50 machine is not going to provide the most out of your quality.

Is it worth buying a $1,000 machine for top quality if you are a casual coffee drinker? It is good to look at all options to find which one is best for you, without emptying your wallet.


  • Cost
    Depending on your preference, choosing a home espresso machine ranges in price. It comes down if you want to spend the money for better equipment or cheap out on the basics. Either way, the choice is yours.

    There are espresso machines that are affordable around $160 - $250. This does not include accessories like a cleaner, tamp, and steamer pitcher. Altogether this expenses to be $45. Planning out expenses, in the beginning, might save you some money.

  • Quality
    It all comes down to the machine. There are a variety of different machines to choose from. You will need some training as well if you haven’t had previous experience on an espresso machine. There are many things to consider.

    Key factors like dialing in coffee, frothing the milk to a texture and pulling a decent timed shot. Once you can pull shots and steam milk, the quality can be well worth its value.

Is it worth buying a $1,000 machine for top quality if you are a casual coffee drinker?
  • Convenience:
    Having an espresso in your kitchen can limit the trips to a coffee shop for a delicious drink. Coffee shops can be in a central point in towns and cities. For some who live on the outskirts of downtown, driving to a coffee shop can mean driving 15 - 30 minutes.

    Meanwhile, it can be steps away in the comfort of your home. With pros, there are a few cons. A home espresso machine, you are the barista. Learning to make drinks can be a hassle.

    Maintenance care and preparing drinks can be an inconvenience that takes time. If a part breaks, it should be fixed or replaced.

    An espresso machine does not come with a grinder, you may want to think about investing in one. You can also go to a local coffee shop to get it ground.

Perks of Going to a Coffee Shop

Coffee shops provide a space for the public to hang out, either it can be a study or work area. It can be a quick stop to pick up a coffee before work, settle for a get-together, or treat yourself.

Going to a coffee shop, you get a taste of the coffee culture and interaction with the community. Some things to consider is time spent driving and waiting to order and receiving coffee.

If the coffee shop is dedicated to crafting coffee, your experience will be well worth it.

  • Cost
    The average person spends, depending on the type of drink they buy, around $4. An everyday customer will spend about $30 a week. Every other day, customers will spend around $12.

    You can tailor your expenses to find out the exact amount you spend weekly, and even monthly.
  • Quality
    Local coffee shops serve craft and specialty drinks. These are unique to their shop. It is an art to make and serve drinks that tailor to the customer’s taste.

    Seeing a trained barista make your delicious coffee with detail and crafting is an art. You can think of this compared to a mixologist who makes drinks as a passion, art and talented skills.

    Going to a coffee shop, you get a taste of the coffee culture and interaction with the community.
  • Convenience
    You pay for your coffee and in a short waiting time, your drink arrives. Coffee shops are a great place to get out of the house and go out somewhere that is enjoyable. make your own specialty drink, it can take up time.

    When you can have someone, who is trained to deliver the rich drink you crave. The downside to going to a coffee shop is during rush hour. No one likes to wait in lines and then wait some more for their drink.


Which is better? Depends. Which one fits better for you?

There is no legit answer of which one is better. Both have pros and cons but in the end it all comes down to you.

If you are a coffee lover wanting to have a bar for home or work, an espresso machine will have you brewing. If you prefer spending your time drink coffee and community, then a coffee shop is a great place to relax.

Your lifestyle can determine if going out or buying one at home is worth your time and money. If you are looking to try something new or learn some new skills. An espresso machine is a perfect way to expand your coffee knowledge!

Going to a coffee shop can help you build relationships in your community and a fun place to hang out.

Whether you are enjoying a cup at home, or going out, Anchor Coffee Co. has the perfect coffee for you! I recommend Anchor's Seafarer Blend we use at our shop. The flavor profile is cocoa, pipe tobacco and is full bodied.