New Location - Winston Salem

Located in the historic Bailey Power Plant as part of the Innovation Quarter, this 2000 square foot homage to our love for coffee features an incredible line up of single origin coffees on pour over and espresso, a 14 tap carefully curated beer list featuring hard to find beers, and a beautifully designed space that intentionally carried over the original character of the building. As a side note our new location was  featured in the Winston Salem Journal 
Bailey Power Plant 1950s


When we started this project we knew that we wanted to be in the heart of Winston Salem and when we were approached about the Bailey Power Plant, we fell in love. Initially constructed in 1947, it was used as a coal fired power plant for RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company. In early 2018 it was opened up as a mixed use facility developed by Wexford as part of the Innovation Quarter.


Immediately after signing our lease we were hit with a huge roadblock, The Covid-19 pandemic had hit, and the country had went into full lockdown. Instead of giving up, we took that time to fine tune our plan with our architect, pick our dream equipment list, and start work!

Coffee Equipment

Marco Pour Over Brewer
  • Slayer Steam EP espresso machine
  • Marco SP9 pour over brewer with Kalita Waves
  • Mahlkonig EK-43 for Batch Brew and pour over grinding duties
  • 2 Mahlkonig E65s for espresso grinding.
We also built out a 16 line tap system for beer and nitro coffee, and a small kitchen for a food program that we plan to launch after the first of the year!
We are so stoked to finally be open and can’t wait to see you at our new location!

About Anchor Winston

Entrance to Anchor Winston

Address:486 N Patterson Ave - Winston Salem - NC
Online Ordering - Odeko
Monday - Thursday 7a - 4p
Friday and Saturday 7a - 9p


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