Now Introducing: Anchor Coffee Playlists!

Now Introducing: Anchor Coffee Playlists!

We have all had it happen before, you walk into a trendy specialty coffee shop and find yourself immersed in a song you’ve never heard before. The atmosphere is set, you grab the pour-over of the day, set up your computer, and dig into the day's work. It's literally the dream that we have built our mission statement around. 

“We cultivate a comfortable space for life to happen”

To bring the third-wave coffee shop atmosphere into your home, we have launched our Anchor Coffee Spotify playlists so that you can enjoy some of the music that we have curated for our cafes. Each list is carefully curated by our staff, friends, and family to capture the feeling of being at an Anchor Coffee shop. We know how music can set the tone for your coffee experience, and we don’t take that lightly. Each of our playlists is named after our coffees and features songs that we think bring character and atmosphere to your home coffee experience. 

Listen Here!

We have created the following curated playlists:

  • Koke - a playlist inspired by one of our favorite coffees, the Ethiopia Koke. This playlist is fresh and funky, much like the coffee, and is full of upbeat, unique songs from artists such as The Black Pumas, Pavement, Neutral Milk Hotel, and more. The Koke Honey Process can is available HERE.
  • Captain - Our roaster/owner Greg is a HUGEEEEE hip hop head, and curated the Captain list. One of our original single-origin coffees, the captain is comfortable, with undertones of citrus and sweet cherry. The Captain playlist has everything from well-known greats like Kanye West and Chance the rapper, but you will also find deep cuts like Aesop Rock and Loyle Carner. The Captain is currently for sale HERE!
  • Nightwatch - Our darkest roast ever (but still not overroasted) We felt like this playlist was deserving of the dark and brooding treatment. It features sad songs from the likes of Silver Jews, Nick Cave, Noah Gunderson, and more. You can find the Nightwatch HERE!
  • Seafarer - Fun and comforting. We love this coffee, and we love these songs. Many of these are timeless classics, with bits of our personalities at Anchor Coffee mixed in. Grab our Seafarer Blend HERE!


With these playlists and more to come, we hope to help set the atmosphere for your at-home coffee drinking experience. So grab a bag of whole bean coffee that you purchased online or at one of our brick and mortar locations, prep throw on one of our playlists, and start your day strong!