The Barista Choice Society is Back

The Barista Choice Society is Back

After over a year of silence, we have received a coded transmission from the Narrator that the Barista’s Choice Society is alive and well. And you can need to join today. 

Subscription Coffee NC

Here’s what that means for you. You can join the Barista’s Choice Society (B.C.S.) and receive amazing benefits such as:

  • Exceptional Coffee: Coffee subscription featuring our best coffees sent straight to your home.
  • Fantastic Fiction: A copy of Canon I: The Definitive History of the Barista’s Choice Society
  • Even More Exceptional Coffee: Free sample bags of some of our newest and funkiest coffees.
  • More Fantastic Content: Exclusive access to Canon II - the sequel to Canon I. 
  • So Much More: Other Anchor special deals and benefits only available to B.C.S. members. 

With your Barista Choice Society members, you will level up your specialty coffee game immediately. I don’t think it’s too much to say that your entire life will be better, you will have more purpose, and you will actually be part of something meaningful. 

Here’s a little more about the storied history of the Barista Choice Society:

A Brief History of the Barista Choice Society

The Barista’s Choice Society began longer ago than you realize. Some believe it is as old as time itself or older. Some place it’s origins in a dusty basement and a meeting so secret with people so powerful, the event re-wrote history itself. Some believe it began much further back when the Goatherders first became aware of the prophecies. 

If this is already too confusing - grab your copy of the book that explains it all in winsome detail. 

Free Book with Coffee Subscription

Here is how Anchor Coffee came to know the B.C.S.:

Anchor Coffee Co and the Barista Choice Society

Many years ago, we received a coded message from an anonymous source known simply as The Narrator. Long story short, the Narrator realized that even the best societies succumb to institutionalization, lose sight of their mission, and become ineffective. As the keeper of the B.C.S.’s history, he is now in the process of writing it all for the world to see. 

Specialty coffee is in danger. It is under constant threat of ruin from climate change, commoditized mass-produced coffee, and unethical practices. 

By joining the Barista’s Choice Society, you are ensuring your coffee is ethically sourced, expertly roasted, and community-focused. You are also standing up against all the forces that would attempt to destroy specialty coffee. 

The Narrator beckons you to join the cause and become a Barista’s Choice Society member today!

 The Barista’s Choice Society is a fictional secret society created by Gary Buffaloe and Greg Brady. While it is not real, the principles for which it stands are indeed real.