Playlist #8 - All My Friends

Playlist #8 - All My Friends

We have been incredibly lucky to host a plethora of wonderful artists from all across the state, and in some cases the nation to play at our coffee shops in North Wilkesboro and Winston Salem NC. The heart of those events is to bring together a community around music, and allow for the creation of something special. Music is one of those things that I believe builds community in a raw, let-your-guard-down kind of way. 

Nights Like These

I am always brought back to our opening event at the flagship in North Wilkesboro, when Shay Martin Lovette, performed to a packed, standing room only crowd. The show was free, and in a coffee shop in a nowhere town. It didn't matter though, few nights have been so special to me, and to many others that attended that night. 

Then there was Snaps for Sinners a folk punk band that was on a cross country tour and needed a place to stay. Jeremy, one of our OG team members had a spot and in exchange they put on one of the most fiery sets to date. 

For me, music has been a huge influence on everything that I have ever done, especially with the business in mind. The DIY ethos of so many musicians inform the way that Anchor has existed, in spite of every issue known to man. We have found a way.

I could ramble on about, all of the incredible nights that we have had over the years, but instead, I put together a playlist featuring many friends of Anchor Coffee. Most of the artists included have performed at one of our shops. There are a few standouts that we have gotten close to over the years through our work at Merlefest, Carolina in the Fall, Carolina Jubilee, and other festivals and events that we have been a part of. 

So sit back, grab a coffee, and enjoy this extra special mixtape from the friends of Anchor.

Playlist # 8 - All My Friends