What we offer

Our services include offering bulk whole bean coffee to cafes, restaurants and specialty grocers, as well as equipment and consulting.


Our Coffee

We source coffees with seasonality, quality, and relationship in mind. To suit your needs, our offerings range in price, flavor, and complexity.

All of our coffees are subjected to on-going quality control. This ensures that we showcase each coffee’s unique flavor.

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A collection of rotating single origin coffees that we keep year round. These are great options for filter coffee in your high volume cafe.

The Prince

A collection of our high end offerings. These coffees are selected specifically for pour over or single origin espresso.

Seafarer Blend

Roasted specifically with espresso in mind and is great for high volume espresso bars.



Anchor Coffee works with leading manufacturers to provide equipment for your next coffee project of any size.

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We offer consultation for anything from bar flow, service, branding, and more.

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Anchor works with several Authorized Service Providers throughout North Carolina to provide service on equipment we supply.

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We offer general training on equipment based on current industry standards - anything from basic espresso and milk preparation, to filter coffee and general maintenance.

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Anchor Coffee Co. is more than just a coffee roasting company. We are a team of passionate coffee people bringing specialty coffee to our friends and neighbors in the food and beverage industry.

Whether you are new to coffee or looking for an upgrade, we strive to help you create the coffee program that you want by offering:

  • Volume estimates and weekly order estimate assistance
  • Inventory management and tracking
  • Consistent and reliable order and delivery time
  • Dedicated Account Reps
  • Updated offering communication
  • Design/Marketing needs