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Katia Duke - Single Origin - Honduras

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Technical Information

Country: Honduras

Region: Copan

Farm: San Isidro

Producer: Katia Duke

Varietal: Catuai

Altitude: 1300m

Process: Micro-organism Fermentation Washed

Roast: Light

Flavor Notes

Cherry, Lemon, Plum

About San Isidro

Discover the rich flavors of Catuai coffee from Katia Duke's esteemed San Isidro farm located just a short drive from Ruinas de Copán in Honduras. With generations of coffee-producing tradition, Katia's dedication to her family's farm was reshaped by the 2012 la roya leaf rust epidemic. Inspired to revolutionize coffee farming, Katia immersed herself in the specialty coffee industry, becoming a certified barista and roaster.

This particular lot of Catuai coffee showcases the meticulous Microorganism Fermentation Washed processing technique. By utilizing mossto, a liquid rich in yeasts and microbial cultures from anaerobically fermented coffee, freshly harvested cherries undergo depulping and a carefully managed 18–24-hour fermentation in ceramic-lined tanks. The coffee is then meticulously washed with fresh spring water to remove any remaining mucilage. The washed coffee is then dried using raised beds or a concrete patio, depending on weather conditions.

Experience the extraordinary journey of San Isidro coffee, where tradition meets innovation, resulting in a delightful cup of specialty Catuai coffee brought to you with dedication and love by Katia Duke.


About The Region

From Ally Coffee, "


Copán is one of the six major coffee growing regions in Honduras. In the northwest mountains of the country, along Honduras’ border with Guatemala, coffee in Copán is grown on farms with elevation ranges from 1000–1500 meters above sea level. The annual precipitation in Copán is 1300-2300mm per year and the temperature ranges from 11.5–22.3° C.

Farms in Copán are shaded by the nitrogen-fixing Inga tree and various species of fruit and hardwood forest trees. The region has many national parks in its mountains, and coffee producers in Copán maintain harmony between the coffee plots and the natural environment."