9 *More* Father's Day Gifts For Dads Who Love Coffee and Camping

9 *More* Father's Day Gifts For Dads Who Love Coffee and Camping

fathers day gifts coffee and camping north wilkesboro nc

In our previous article, we talked about coffee gifts for Father's Day and dads to start workday or the day with specialty coffee from the comfort of home.

However, here in the foothills, we know a lot of dads who want to enjoy their coffee from the comfort of a hammock tied between two old-growth trees in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Here are 9 gifts for coffee and adventure loving fathers.

*Remember, if you get your old man one of these, he will probably expect you to go camping with him.*

1) Aeropress Coffee Brewing System

aeropress coffee north wilkesboro nc

The Aeropress method is similar to the French Press. The Aeropress is great for making great coffee while traveling or camping. You can purchase it here

How to Brew with Aeropress

1) Grind 17 grams of coffee. You can use the Aeropress spoon to measure. It holds 16 grams, so overfill it slightly. Use a medium to fine grind setting.

You also may consider grinding coffee at home. Store pre-ground coffee in aluminum storage bags to avoid the plastic taste of Tupperware.

2) Heat water in a kettle to boil. Let cool to just under boiling temperature before brewing.

3) Load paper filter into basket. Use your heated water to wet filter, eliminating the paper flavor. Use hot water to pre-heat and clean your brew chamber and mug.

4) Attach the basket to the bottom of the brew chamber. Discard any leftover water.  

5) Load coffee into brew chamber.

6) Start timer and fill chamber to number 4 setting (220 grams of water). Filling should take 10 seconds. Stir the slurry with Aeropress paddle.

7) Cap the brewing chamber with the plunger. DO NOT plunge yet. Insert the plunger at an angle and straighten to create a pressure seal

8) At 1:115, uncap the brewing chamber and stir the slurry.

9) Begin plunging after you finish stirring. The key is to plunge slowly and steadily. Total brew time should be between 1:45 and 1:55. When you hear the hiss, the brewing is complete.

10) Clean the brewing chamber and filter basket.

Bonus gift: These nifty foil bags are perfect for coffee and food storage. Purchase from Amazon.

2) Porlex Hand Coffee Grinder  

Porlex hand coffee grinder specialty coffee wilkes nc

There really is no other hand coffee grinder to give your father than this one. The Porlex help your dad brew great coffee at home and it is light enough for him to take with him on his backpacking adventure.

Purchase here: Amazon 

3) Rugged Camping Coffee Mug

Make sure your dad is sipping coffee from a rad mug like one of these from Best Made Company.

fathers day mug specialty coffee wilkesboro nc

Get your dad a camping mug here.

4) Awesome Anchor Coffee

Every adventurer needs a steady anchor. Send your dad on his backpacking adventure with awesome Anchor Coffee.

specialty coffee western north carolina

  • Ethiopian Koke:
    • Aroma: Tropical Fruit, Berries
    • Flavor: Strawberry, Pineapple, Vanilla
    • After Taste: Clean, Juicy
    • Acidity: Bright, Balanced
    • Body: Silky
    • Balance: Structured, Juicy
  • Seafarer: We took coffees from three major coffee regions from around the world and carefully blended them together to create a unique espresso blend. Our Seafarer Blend holds its own as not only a great espresso, but also an incredible cup of brewed coffee.
  • Admiral: Our house blend brings together the bold and robust flavors of Indonesia and the bright fruity flavors of Central America to create a very well balance coffee experience. This is a phenomenal daily drinking coffee. Try some out, you won’t be disappointed.
  • Nightwatch: Smoky, full-bodied and strong coffee flavor. Full dark roasted blended coffee. Currently a 75% Brazil Cerrado and 25% Costa Rica Tres Rios.
  • Captain: Our rotating single-origin coffee, the Captain is always a featured favorite.

Bonus: A novel about coffee, sailing ships, high seas warfare, volcanoes, and goatherders, get your dad The Anchor for an enjoyable fireside read. The Anchor is available in print, iBooks, and Kindle formats.

5) The Right Backpack

Any backpacking adventure can be spoiled by an inferior backpack. The Talon 33 backpack from Osprey is highly rated, simple, and packed with great features.

fathers day camping and coffee supplies

6) Hammocks and Stowaway Chairs

Properly relaxing is as important to a great camping trip as the destination. With the right hammock and/or stowaway chair, your father may not even need a tent.

REI Stowaway Chair
ENO Hammock

7) Wicked Axe

Make sure your father is prepared to build a fire worthy of your family’s name. Once he is set up with all the camping coffee gear, get him one of these wicked axes from Best Made Company:

best made company axes fathers day

8) Hiking Boots

Make sure your dad has the right foot support before he sets off on into the wild. Consider one of these incredibly comfortable boots from Merrell. 

9) Send Your Father on an Awesome Camping Adventure

We can think of more adventures than we can count, but here are a few awesome weekend trips on which to send your dad as a “thank you” for being awesome:

1) Doughton Park: Hike to Stone Mountain and back from the Blue Ridge Parkway.

2) The Linville Gorge: Hike Wiseman's Loop, The Linville River Trail, or the Conley Trail.

third wave coffee plus adventure north wilkesboro nc

3) Grandfather Mountain: Hike from the Blue Ridge Parkway, or the Profile Trail near Highway 105 in Grandfather.

4) Nantahala: Hike Deep Creek to Clingman's Dome (near Bryson City).

Your dad will definitely thank you for any of these excellent coffee and camping gifts. Let us know what other dad-adventure gifts you're giving this Father's Day.