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9 Awesome Coffee Gifts for Father's Day


Fathers Day gifts related to pour over and specialty coffee 

Father’s Day is drawing near. Your dad has enough ties and golf towels. Skip the clichés and get your dad some awesome coffee and coffee gear. Here are 9 great coffee gift ideas for Father’s Day 2018:

Pour Over Coffee Brewing Materials:

Your dad may already be master of the grill. Help turn him into the maestro of coffee by completing his pour over set up.

1) Pour Over Decanters and Drippers

There are a couple of brands from which to choose:

Kalita Wave Series 500 | $19 (Greg’s Recommendation)
Capacity: 500ml
Serves: 2-4 people
Purchase: Amazon

fathers day kalita pour over dripper decanter specialty coffee north wilkesboro nc

Kalita Wave 185 Drippers (metal) | $25 (Greg’s Recommendation)
Waves and three-hole design are perfect for consistent extraction.
Purchase: Amazon
Filters: Make sure you include a pack of Kalita Wave Filters 

Hario V60 Drip Coffee Decanter
Capacity: 700ml
Serves: 2-5 people
Purchase: Amazon
Dripper: Plastic Dripper Included with purchase
Filters: You can purchase Hario filters as well

Hario V60 Glass Coffee Dripper
Purchase: Amazon

Read our previous article for pour over instructions. 

2) Pour Over Kettle

Choose from a couple of options:

Stagg EKG/EKG+ | $127 - $170 (Greg’s Recommendation)
Temperature: Select and control desired temperature
Display: LCD display with the option to hold temperature for one hour
Smartphone: EKG+ allows the user to turn on and off with your smartphone
Purchase: Fellow Products

Bonavita Electric Kettle | $30
Auto-off: Heats quickly and shuts off automatically
Purchase: Amazon

3) Drip Scale and Timer

specialty coffee gifts for fathers day north carolina

Hario V60 Drip Scale and Timer
Scale: Measures in grams
Tare: Weigh coffee and water without doing math
Timer: Easier to hit your marks
Purchase: Amazon

4) Coffee Grinders

Porlex JP-30 Hand Grinder | $65
Grind: Range of course and fine
Purchase: Amazon

fathers day coffee grinder specialty coffee north wilkesboro nc

Baratza Encore Electric Grinder | $145
Grind: 40 grind settings
Purchase: Baratza

Other Coffee Makers

If your father has already mastered the pour over, get him one of these cool coffee making contraptions:

5) French Press

The French Press provides a balanced, even extraction, like the pour over, while not allowing gases to escape.

Yama Glass 6 Cup French Press | $35
Purchase: Amazon

How to Make French Press Coffee (6 cups):

  • Add 35g of coarsely ground coffee
  • Fill halfway with almost boiling water (205-degrees), saturating all grounds
  • Set timer to four minutes
  • At 1:00, stir the water and grounds with a wooden spoon
  • Fill to top with hot water
  • Cover but do not press
  • At 4:00, press plunger all the way
  • Immediately pour into a mug or Carafes; otherwise, the coffee will continue to extract and become bitter

For more information about French Press coffee, read our previous article

6) Aeropress Coffee Maker

The Aeropress method is similar to the French Press. The Aeropress is great for making great coffee while traveling or camping. You can purchase it here.

fathers day areopress coffee


7) Unique Coffee

Your dad is probably serious about his go-to brand or style, so Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to give him the gift of unique and better coffee. In our offerings, there are several different flavor profiles:

8): The Anchor: The Definitive History of the Barista Choice Society

A novel about coffee, sailing ships, high seas warfare, volcanoes, and goatherders, get your dad The Anchor before he just buys it himself.

9) Coffee Subscription

Give your father the gift of unique coffee year-round with a coffee subscription service. With our Roasters Choice subscription, you get to experience a variety of specialty coffees delivered right to you at regular intervals.

specialty coffee subscription north carolina fathers day

We also like services like Stay Roasted. Stay Roasted allows you to try a variety of coffee roasters, including Anchor. Also, per their website, “Every bag of coffee delivered to Stay Roasted members provides a person in need with 1 YEAR'S WORTH OF CLEAN WATER.”

This Father’s Day, give your dad the gift of awesome coffee.




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